Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 203

Loved this episode!! Everything about it. And subtext galore!! :)

The interaction between Jane, Maura and Angela in the beginning was fun. You can see the start of Maura becoming an extended part of the Rizzoli clan. At the garage it was cute how Jane pushes Maura in front, but as soon as it appeared Maura had an interest in Giovanni Jane gets between them. Jealous much, Jane? ;)

It's great to see this other side of Maura that we only saw glimpses of in season one. As we watch Maura get more flirtation this season we also see Jane get more and more jealous. I love it!

Jane: You don't want to sleep with me.
Maura: Head tilts and eyes say "Are you sure about that?"

You know what I heard with the whole "You are not the boss of me" conversation?  "Jane if you won't wake up and go out with me then you have no say in who I sleep with!" lol

"It would be faster if you'd come to my house." She killed me!

Nice to see a bit more from Frost and Korsak.

And Jane pimps out her best friend for free car repair!! Notice the jealousy is all gone at that point. lol

Maura is keeping beer in her fridge. Guess Jane is spending more time there. :)

Lick your face - ewww but the scene was funny.

"Did Giovanni notice anything but your cleavage?" Jane keeps noticing Maura's cleavage. ;)

Now what I don't get is Maura suddenly became a great liar. I know it's for the plot, but she tells "white lies" throughout the episode. I believe in a tweet Sasha said it was the frantic situation, but the "He's hot" "The car's hot" in the beginning was not frantic. Hmmmm

Can I just say I love the whole bear scene between Jane and Maura. Too cute.

I like the brother and sister interaction. Very real and natural.

BFF scene: Awesome! Very funny! And I'm telling you Maura was contemplating the threesome! lol

Episode 202

Coming Soon

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Episode 201

I loved this episode. We've been waiting a long time and the anticipation was killing me, but it was worth it.

The first scene with both Jane and Maura was everything I expected. I had read the script that was online for that scene and they played it just as I imagined. I love the bantering between these two characters. It's what drew me in to the show to begin with.

Best line: "You are my business."

I really liked how Maura knew there was more to Jane's pain. It brought home how close they are. Especially when you consider they had never socialized outside of work before the pilot episode.

Jane dealing with the trauma was good to see and done very well. However, I do feel there were some missed opportunities for some really deep emotional scenes between Jane and Maura. It was like they start down that road then stop. One scene in particular is before and after Jane leaves the autopsy. That could have been a great "let your fears out with the one person you trust" scene. Maura knows more is going on - it's not physical pain.

"... you had a life threatening injury, but you're strong, healthy... somethings gotten in the way of your healing."

Naturally Jane plays it off, but Maura knows better. I think they both do. Then later Jane asks what do you do when fear is killing you - so perfect for Maura to get Jane to dig deeper emotionally, but instead she explains how hard it is to die of fear.

All that set up and they just cut to Jane "upstairs."

I'd love to read a fanfic continuation of that. (Hint hint fanfic writers) Time constraints, lots of plot-lines that have to continue - I do understand some of the reasons why the writers didn't delve that deep, I just think it would have been a great emotional scene for the characters as well as great for the actors.

I loved the scene in the kitchen between Jane and Angela. Even with all the arguing and Angela driving her daughter crazy, they are still mother and daughter - they love each other and take care of each other. Very much reminds me of my relationship with my mom. She could drive me insane but when push came to shove she was there for me, and I was there for her.

I did wonder about the change in attitude about Tommy. In the last episode last season I thought Tommy was out? And Jane was very negative about him coming home and mom was ecstatic. Now he's still in prison, it seems Jane thinks he's doing well and mom is negative. In the grand scheme of things, no biggie. It just struck me as odd.

Okay, the doctor was a jerk, but I loved Maura in the scene in her kitchen. Briefcase in the gut - you go girl! Also, I love when Maura tells Jane the whole reason for helping Angela is "Because she's your family."

Sasha tweeted that her favorite scene in this episode is the one where Maura gets in Jane's personal space. That was pretty amusing I will agree.

Then there's "When I talk do you here, blah blah blah, Maura, blah blah blah?" Funny.

Once again though they're leading into a real intimate get down to the emotional issues scene then BAM the house explodes. Don't get me wrong I understand the point of Jane needing to get back to work and prove to herself she's still got it and you have to show her "still having it" but some talk - more then they had - before hand would have been really nice, in my humble opinion. :)

Overall, a great beginning to season two. Yes, even with my complaints, I still loved the episode! :)


Check out my Screen Caps of this episode. As of 7/14/11 there posted in 3 parts with probably 2 more to come.