Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode 208 - My Own Worst Enemy

I've been bad about keeping up with these reviews. Sorry :(

Okay, let me say right off the bat - I watched the promo (mainly Maura's 30secs) I don't know how many times. Maura in love = sexy!! Yes, I love rizzles. Yes, I love subtext. But they're straight in the show and will remain that way, and honestly, that doesn't bother me. If they were gay it would be a completely different show. My love for the show is their relationship - straight or gay, doesn't matter. It's a good representation of women's friendships. Not catty or bickering like so many shows like to portray. Sticking up for one another, being there for each other in times of crisis... or sitting on the couch watching a game and drinking a beer. ;) That's the heart of this show - Jane and Maura's friendship - and I love it.

I say all that because I had no problem with one of Maura's "love of her life" showing up. I thought it showed a whole new side to Maura and I liked it. She was gorgeous and sexy and smiled a lot! Sasha did a fabulous job playing "in love." The texting scenes were too funny!

I like jealous Jane too. What girlfriends haven't gone through the "guy" putting a bit of distance in the friendship - even just temporarily. It happens and when you're the single one you miss your best friend! Played very well and very amusingly by Angie. :)

I loved the foot scene when Jane says "I, I, I thought Maura was gonna do it." OMG that was priceless! Well played Ms. Harmon! And again in that scene Maura is a smiling fool!! Now I may be bias - I LOVE Sasha's smile. Never can get enough. :)

The end was heartbreaking. Who didn't have tears in their eyes when Maura broke down? Jane was wonderful! When she offered to give Maura a "ride to the airport" it showed she was a true friend.

I'll admit I wasn't into the crime part of the episode. I'm finding this season I am less and less interested in the case and more into the lives of these wonderful ladies.

Next weeks looks intense! Doyle is back and it looks like he's going to totally disrupt his daughter's life.

Episode 207 - Bloodlines

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Episode 206 - Rebel Without a Pause

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode 205 - Don't Hate the Player

I loved this episode! The subtext was all through it. Several great scenes that I'll touch on.

Check out my favorite moments in my Subtext video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UojQFOugfjc

I'm not going to recap the episode, for I assume if you're reading this you saw it.

I love the beginning. I always like the Rizzoli family and love how Maura is becoming a part of the family. I like Tommy. Reminds me of my youngest brother - the loveable screw-up. Janet Tamaro commented that his stuff would get darker as the season goes along. I'm looking forward to it.

Locker room: Jane knows Maura well. In fact they both are at a point where they can read each other better than anyone. Maura has loosened up on the "guessing" I would assume from working with Jane.

Oh, jumping to the fingerprints - Maura throwing Jane out - Love it! The look on Jane's face is priceless and I have to say I really like the strong "don't push me" Maura. :)

"This is not CSI: Boston, Jane." Great line.

The cloths swap. What can I say that everyone hasn't already said. One of the best scenes of the series.

Maura: Your suit is a real booty-call magnet. I got hit on twice... by women.

LMAO at that. And Jane's reaction, "really?" Oh just priceless.

Stolen TV: Love the touch on the arm from Maura.

The last scene was great. As I said in the beginning - Love the Rizzoli family. Now we add Korsac. Maybe they're gonna follow the books with Angela and Korsac.

All-in-all one of my favorite episodes.

Episode 204

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