Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Janet Tamaro talks about actor input

Question from H'eather Rizziggleose:

Are the cast members given any input on the scripts? Do they ever ask for different dialogue or disagree with something that's been written?

 Janet's response:
I think of the actors as my partners. We've been doing this together for nearly three years. Because so much time and effort goes into each script (weeks and weeks), by the time they get the script, it's pretty close to what you see on screen. They're very respectful of my/my writers' process – as I am of theirs. If there is dialogue or action that is "bumping" them (Hollywood talk for, "This doesn't make sense"), we will have a conversation and sort it out.

Source: Creator's Corner

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  1. Have you two ever like friend kissed? Not like on the cheek but legit on the lips kissed??