Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode 208 - My Own Worst Enemy

I've been bad about keeping up with these reviews. Sorry :(

Okay, let me say right off the bat - I watched the promo (mainly Maura's 30secs) I don't know how many times. Maura in love = sexy!! Yes, I love rizzles. Yes, I love subtext. But they're straight in the show and will remain that way, and honestly, that doesn't bother me. If they were gay it would be a completely different show. My love for the show is their relationship - straight or gay, doesn't matter. It's a good representation of women's friendships. Not catty or bickering like so many shows like to portray. Sticking up for one another, being there for each other in times of crisis... or sitting on the couch watching a game and drinking a beer. ;) That's the heart of this show - Jane and Maura's friendship - and I love it.

I say all that because I had no problem with one of Maura's "love of her life" showing up. I thought it showed a whole new side to Maura and I liked it. She was gorgeous and sexy and smiled a lot! Sasha did a fabulous job playing "in love." The texting scenes were too funny!

I like jealous Jane too. What girlfriends haven't gone through the "guy" putting a bit of distance in the friendship - even just temporarily. It happens and when you're the single one you miss your best friend! Played very well and very amusingly by Angie. :)

I loved the foot scene when Jane says "I, I, I thought Maura was gonna do it." OMG that was priceless! Well played Ms. Harmon! And again in that scene Maura is a smiling fool!! Now I may be bias - I LOVE Sasha's smile. Never can get enough. :)

The end was heartbreaking. Who didn't have tears in their eyes when Maura broke down? Jane was wonderful! When she offered to give Maura a "ride to the airport" it showed she was a true friend.

I'll admit I wasn't into the crime part of the episode. I'm finding this season I am less and less interested in the case and more into the lives of these wonderful ladies.

Next weeks looks intense! Doyle is back and it looks like he's going to totally disrupt his daughter's life.


  1. I am completely with you in regards to watching the "Maura" promo ;) I lost count I watched it so many times!!

    Maura in love is a Maura I'd like to see a lot more of!! From the look in her eyes, to her body language, the change in her voice, and the sounds she makes...All of it SEXY!! And it all just adds to the depth and development of Maura's character!! Sasha plays her so well!! Theirs was a match made in Hollywood Heaven!!!

    I love the relationship between Jane and Maura! I am okay with the fact that they are both straight! The subtext is enough for me and we do get a lot of subtext!! I mean they love each other and are so close!! The chemistry is untouchable and undeniable!! I am a "Rizzles" girl but I am content with all of delicious subtext we get!!

    That is why I was more than okay with Ian coming in to the picture! I just knew he was going to hurt Maura and I hated that his presence caused Maura to hurt Janes feelings. Jane always trusts Maura so the fact that she hid Ian kind of bothered me. Until we knew the reason that she kept him so secret! BUT...secrets happen and it is a real occurence in real friendships!! I just didn't like it :P

    Ian being around brought out a loving, playful, and uninhibited Maura!! Seeing her so happy and smiling was so wonderful!! I may be biased too but that's okay because you and I can admire her smile anytime...I feel the same way about her laugh!! I simply cannot get enough of Sasha and her wonderful emotions!!

    Jealous Jane just may be one of my favorite Janes!! She really missed Maura and their camaraderie...She even signed for the basket so that she could give it to Maura!! It was sad...But Angie done such an amazing job and brought so much humor to the table regarding the subject.

    The whole thing regarding feet and ingrown toenails was a bit gross but ultimately funny! I loved how Jane looked when they were looking for the tools necessary to take care of her toe...and how she wanted Maura to do it!! Her facial expression was priceless!!

    THE END...
    Maura breaking down was so utterly heartbreaking and I cannot deny the tears that were in my eyes!! Yet the whole thing was so real!!! The depth it added to Maura was so good!!! It was raw and the emotion was beautiful!! Sasha is beautiful even crying...The dried tear tracks were pitiful though!!
    Supportive Jane is up there on my list too...She was so willing to do whatever it took to make Maura feel better!! Driving her to the airport, sitting with her, or arresting Ma Rizzoli! She let Maura know that she supported her and that she could go and be with Ian in Africa!!! At the same time, her relief at Maura saying NO was written all over her face!!
    The hug was beautiful and wonderful and just PERFECT!!! It is one of the most intimate moments of R&I so far!! They are true friends and truly do offer comfort to one another when one of them needs it!! They clung to one another and Jane just closed her eyes and breathed in her best friend while Maura drew in strength from Janes strong embrace!! I absolutely LOVED it!! I hope we get to see more of Maura and Jane in this capacity!!

    I enjoy the crime and the solving process but, like you, my interests truly lie with Maura and Jane and their relationship outside of the Boston precinct.

    I am anxiously awaiting next weeks episode!!! Another Maura-centric episode!!! Which is always my favorite ;) My love for Sasha is deep and real lol!! It looks so intense and based on the title of the episode...It could mean another loss for Maura!! Can Monday just be tomorrow or can Janet pre-release the ep to us?!?! :)

  2. There must be dissention amongst the ranks ;) There is a disturbance in the Gayzzoli force...

    This is what I posted on the RGB Blog, and reposting here with some modifications:

    Least favorite episode of the season. Not because of Ian but there is no character continuity with Maura this year. I know people have secrets and different dimensions, I just don't buy her as this "love of my life is a do-gooder in Africa who occasionally stops by for a roll in the hay and supplies to needy children" type. I understand the show is based on the books; however we have already established that Jane and Maura are very different on the show than in the books. I love the books as themselves and I also love the show as it stands on it's own. To me they are very different. It seems they try to loosely incorporate story lines from the books in individual episodes. This would be more effective if they had at least hinted at Ian's existence in previous episodes or created a story arc around this. They have a few more episodes this season so this could be possible. He just shows up and we are all to believe he is the"love of her life"? I don't think so.

    I do agree, I love the Jane and Maura relationship that they portray on screen and I am not so delusional (as I am taking my meds ;) to believe that they are gay on the show as many have well established that they are not in that kind of relationship. It is natural to have a relationship/friendship such as theirs that has many dynamics and that there can be jealously but also caring and support for a friend in need. Having said that, the scene at the end was brilliantly acted and I am absolutely loving the Jane Rizzoli character more this season than last season. However, I still remain Team Maura :)

    Totally excited about next week's episode. Daddy Doyle is back!

  3. I love your views on this episode!! I have to admit that this seasons Maura is a lot different than the Maura we met in season one!!! Reading your description of Ian made me laugh out loud!! It would have been more believable if they had mentioned him in some way before this episode!! So I agree with you there!!! They should be more diligent if they are going to use story lines from the books!

    I love all of the speculation but I agree that it is just that...speculation :) It is fun to speculate though! I love Jane this season too...even though she has been quite a bit more snippy and a little more snarky towards Maura!!