Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode 205 - Don't Hate the Player

I loved this episode! The subtext was all through it. Several great scenes that I'll touch on.

Check out my favorite moments in my Subtext video:

I'm not going to recap the episode, for I assume if you're reading this you saw it.

I love the beginning. I always like the Rizzoli family and love how Maura is becoming a part of the family. I like Tommy. Reminds me of my youngest brother - the loveable screw-up. Janet Tamaro commented that his stuff would get darker as the season goes along. I'm looking forward to it.

Locker room: Jane knows Maura well. In fact they both are at a point where they can read each other better than anyone. Maura has loosened up on the "guessing" I would assume from working with Jane.

Oh, jumping to the fingerprints - Maura throwing Jane out - Love it! The look on Jane's face is priceless and I have to say I really like the strong "don't push me" Maura. :)

"This is not CSI: Boston, Jane." Great line.

The cloths swap. What can I say that everyone hasn't already said. One of the best scenes of the series.

Maura: Your suit is a real booty-call magnet. I got hit on twice... by women.

LMAO at that. And Jane's reaction, "really?" Oh just priceless.

Stolen TV: Love the touch on the arm from Maura.

The last scene was great. As I said in the beginning - Love the Rizzoli family. Now we add Korsac. Maybe they're gonna follow the books with Angela and Korsac.

All-in-all one of my favorite episodes.

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