Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rizzoli & Isles Season 3 SPOILERS - 3x03

RizzlesGirls is reporting that in episode 3x03 we learn more about Rondo, Korsak and what happens to our soldiers when they return home.

On the friendship side of things, Jane and Maura are not back to how it used to be, but they're not any worse either. If that's true then Janet Tamaro has indeed decided to stretch out the rift to more of a "real time" solution, as apposed to a one episode fix. I for one am very glad.

I'm hoping we get the true angst of a friendship in trouble. Things happen in life and friendships are tested. I do believe this can eventually make their friendship stronger. The trick, for me, is making a true story arc that covers several episodes, or even most of the season. Although I don't know how many fans would survive a season of "separation" between the two main characters. There also needs to be a true dealing with their emotions. Jane needs to understand why Maura was so angry and Maura needs to understand why Jane did what she did. I'm hoping this isn't dealt with in a comedic way like 'He Ain't Heavy, he's my brother' "Well I hate you a little less" type thing. That episode was good, in my opinion, but in episodes like that the resolution is a bit rushed to make sure they're friends by the end. It's looking like the season 3 rift will be dealt with in a more realistic timeline.


  1. My primary concern is that the show has not proven itself able to deliver on large arcs with realism or consistency. I too want "the rift" dealt with realistically (even though I think the rift was completely contrived - we're stuck with it now) but I also don't want to spend the first 1/3-1/2 of the summer season with Jane and Maura hating each other because, let's be honest, the J/M relationship is why we all watch and if that's in the toilet for the first half of the season I'm not sure the show can deliver on anything else to keep my interest.

    1. Yep, that's why I watch too - the relationship. I don't mind if it's "in the toilet" as you said, as long as they are forced to deal with it, and each other. What would suck for me is if they each go their separate way and barely interact.