Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rizzoli & Isles SPOILER S3 - Eddie Cibrian

Eddie Cibrian  will play Dennis Rockmond, a motivational speaker who meets Dr. Isles, and may become her love interest. According to TvLine it's supposed to be a multi-episode arc in season 3. They report that Rockmond will "coax [Maura] out of her blazer-clad shell."

I wonder who will be in Jane's life, if anyone, when this happens. I'm hoping it's not Dean.

There's been lots of talk lately about story arcs and how R&I has not proven they can do them. With the rift supposed to unfold in multiple episodes and now a romance, here's hoping they can pull it off. I like story arcs when done well.

This being a rizzles site I guess I should comment also that I don't mind love interests for Jane & Maura. I know they're straight both on the show and in the books, and that will never change. Honestly, I'm fine with that. The friendship between them is the important thing, in my opinion.

Source: tvline.com

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