Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Rizzoli & Isles "Dirty Little Secret" episode 302

This was an episode that I had high expectations for. I knew Jane and Maura were going to make up some how in episode two and I also knew there was going to be a car accident and Maura was going to be injured. So, from that little bit of information I was expecting a very intense, emotional, heartfelt episode. I got that in the last twenty minutes. Because of that, this review is starting at the end.

The last twenty-thirty minutes were wonderful. I have no problem admitting that I've watched from the gals leaving Boston through the end about a half a dozen times. Part of it I know is because that's what I was expecting the episode to be, but also because it was good.

I loved how the accident was done. Completely out of nowhere, just how car crashes happen. When it turned serious at the lake I loved Maura's "Please. Trust me." Jane does, without question. It was good to see that their trust in one another was as strong as ever.

I felt bad for Jane. It's one thing to be used to watching autopsies and quite another to have to cut into your best friend's leg. I liked how Maura remained very steady during that scene. The pain must have been excruciating yet she had to make sure Jane would do it. It's been commented on that if you watch the "I'm not okay" part without sound... well just go watch, you'll see. ;) Seriously though, very well cut together and performed I thought. If I had a wish list it would be that the scene when Maura is lying in Jane's lap delirious from the pain was longer. Now I'll admit that probably has to do with the Xena & Gabrielle flashback I had to a beautiful scene in the sixth season episode The Abyss. (pictured) Injured Gabrielle, delirious, head on Xena's lap... Sound familiar? I think what I missed from Jane and Maura was more from Jane. Her chance to talk to Maura, maybe even apologize, something more then simply the "wake up," and the smile at Maura's delirium. Again, Xena could have influenced my opinions a little but not entirely.

Jumping to them restrained in the car. I liked that entire scene. I thought Sasha played out-of-it Maura very well. Jane was actually going to fake a conversation with her mother for Maura. Very sweet, especially under the circumstances. Then, she took the time to tell Maura "good job" on the Morse code. When your thrust into a situation like that, the petty fighting and anger disappears. Underneath, the foundation of their friendship is obviously very strong.

[Possible SPOILER for future episodes. Skip the next paragraph to not be spoiled]

I've heard the bickering will continue in the next episode. If that's true I find it interesting since their apology and especially the "I missed you" at the end of this episode was so heart felt. I've always said that an "I'm sorry" helps start the process of forgiving but doesn't necessarily instantly make everything okay, so maybe that's what's happening in future episodes.


The ending was fantastic. Who didn't get choked up when Jane told her mom that she had a doctor too? Both Jane and Maura did and you could tell that by "I missed you" they were both ready to break down. Emotional, heartfelt, very well acted. We all needed that hug. :)

The crime wasn't anything special. I thought the resolution was a bit weak mainly because the focus was on Jane and Maura, and honestly what reason could the bad guy have for putting them back in the car to drown. To make it look like an accident? They were restrained! Kill them right away, bury them, get rid of the car. There's also the fact of bad guys leaving victims alone to get out of the restraints instead of watching and making sure they die. However, I'm not complaining. I don't watch for the crime. It was all a way to get Jane and Maura in that car accident and to put them into even more jeopardy to strip away the hurt and anger. I get that and I'm completely okay with it.

It was nice seeing Frankie continuing to work towards detective. I don't know how it really works. I honestly thought when he passed his detective exam he was a detective. Maybe someone in the know would be willing to comment below and let me know. :)

Love Mama Rizzoli. Only a few scenes but so memorable. I simply love her. Making sandwiches for her girls and using that great mom guilt was so funny. Then the phone call in the car and Maura's re-wording of the book title. Priceless.

The bickering was funny. Maura's commanding "you stay" to Korsak and then chastising Frankie was total transference of anger. The TP was hysterical. Loved Maura's smirk after Jane walked out. Jane and Korsak a couple? Too funny. Basically the first 30-40 minutes were a completely different feel. Obviously done to give even more impact to the second half. I think there were missing scenes from what was in several of the promos. What happened to "How were we ever friends?" Unless Jane wasn't talking to Maura. Hmmm... could be.

After watching this episode a number of times (in it's entirety not just the last 20 minutes) I can honestly say I like it. It wasn't perfect but I can forgive the not-so-good things since we have Jane and Maura's bickering, angst, emotional making up, and more rizzles.


  1. I agree with your review :) There was a lot that happened in this ep, almost wish they would have save the Pop Rizzoli stuff for another episode. That felt out of place for this ep and would like to see it go on for a few eps. Tommy's existence, as usual for me, is pointless. I didn't care for the whole sub-sub storyline of him introducing and "knowing" his future step-mom. Also agree with wanting to hear more from Jane talking to Maura in her delirious state, apologizing and confessing not thinking Maura would really be hearing her then have them go back to that moment in a future episode.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I forgot about the Frank Sr. moments! Shows how important that was to me. lol Although I will say I feel for the kids. I was young when my parents divorced but it's tough at any age when there's so much hurt and anger between your parents. Especially when your dad wants an annulment?? That's not even possible after all those years together! I too would like to see that fleshed out over several episodes. I know there's more coming but don't want to spoil anyone here. I'd like to see more of Jane's hurt and disappointment in her father and have that gut wrenching father/daughter scene.

    Thanks for commenting!