Thursday, December 22, 2011

Episode 211 - Can I Get A Witness?

Liked the opening of this episode. Different for R&I - done well.

There were some great parts to this episode, and overall I liked it. Mostly I liked the fun parts.

Bass! He finally made it in an episode this season! It was a cute scene.

"Why is your door unlocked?" Well, Jane why are you just walking in like you live there? ;)

Angela was amusing. Stanley was unnecessary.

Korsak was great. Loved his willingness to protect his source and the interaction between him and Jane. It was great seeing Jane standing up for him and showing her loyalty.

Maura changes a tire... no more needs be said. ;)

"Code 10, that's lunch. I'm off for a personal. That's when you have to do number two." Gotta love the good doctor!!

Maura actually had the best lines this episode.

As I said I liked the episode overall.

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