Thursday, December 22, 2011

Episode 212 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

I liked this one. I like a little angst every once in a while between the ladies.

Family dinner - we're seeing that more and more at Maura's. I like it.

I was glad Maura pushed Tommy away when he tried to kiss her, but not for reasons you may think. Love rizzles but don't have an issue with them being straight. The reason I was glad she didn't kiss him is because she knows Jane's thoughts on the subject, and respects Jane and their friendship enough not to jeopardize it.

Wasn't thrilled with the Frost/ex storyline. Not exactly sure why, but I think the episode would have been fine without it.

I'm sure everyone has an opinion on Maura not telling Jane. I for one understand both sides. Maura had to keep quiet. They make you sign the paper to ensure you stay quiet. Jane's brother was just arrested and her best friend knew it was coming. Naturally she's pissed.

Love the blood/paint thing. I even made a short video highlighting all the "reddish brown stain" times.

The whole "how long do you think you'll hate me" scene was done well. The looks between Jane and Maura speaks volumes. The best part though is after Jane leaves, the smile on Maura's face. She knows it's not gonna be long before Jane forgives her.

The last scene was quite possibly the best scene in the entire show. Jane willing to put her feelings aside so Maura can be happy with Tommy. Maura putting her feelings for Jane ahead of any possibility with Tommy. True friendship.

"I like Tommy, a lot, but I love you." Yep, she said it. :)

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