Thursday, December 1, 2011

Episode 209 - Gone Daddy Gone

One of my favorite episodes. I love Maura and Doyle. When they're together it brings out a side to Maura that we otherwise don't see.

I tweeted Sasha about them: "I love the scenes with you & John Doman! Do you both like the ongoing father/daughter storyline?"
Sasha's response: "I love it when he comes around! I think it's a very interesting side to Maura!"

I agree. :)

I will admit as this series moves along I am less and less interested in the "crime" unless it has a huge effect on Jane or Maura's personal lives. To me the crimes should be used simply to move the characters around, not for some great mystery to be solved. That may be the other thing I like about Doyle. Crime is always around him but it's about how it effects Maura and her relationship with her father.

Interesting to note that with other crime shows I'm the opposite. I'm more interested in the crime and how they solve it. I think that's a testament to these characters. I'm much more invested in them.

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