Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sasha Alexander brings out her inner lesbian on AfterEllen

Dorothy Snarker interviewed Sasha Alexander for After Ellen and Sasha spoke about the show's subtext and her own inner lesbian. It's a fantastic interview. Sasha was open, funny and insightful. There's also some spoilers for season three.

Since the first moments Sasha Alexander’s Dr. Maura Isles and Angie Harmon’s Det. Jane Rizzoli stepped on screen together, the show’s lesbian viewers have noticed something special. It wasn’t just the pair’s striking good looks together, but their genuine chemistry and frequent closeness that made our subtext-loving hearts sing. Rizzoli & Isles has amassed a large lesbian and bisexual female fanbase through its first two seasons. Now, with the show poised to premiere its third season on TNT in three weeks, we’re all anxious to see if our favorite not-gay gay cop show continues to serve up healthy helpings of LLBFF canoodling, Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching and – of course – eye sex.
Photo from TNT
 Still, when last we saw these two lovely ladies of law enforcement, things were beyond tense. During a stand-off between Maura’s biological father/gangster Paddy Doyle and the police, Paddy shoots FBI Agent Dean (who happens to be Jane’s flower-bringing possible boyfriend) and then Jane shoots Paddy. Or, in other words, it’s complicated. The cast and crew has been back filming in Los Angeles (done up to look like Boston, naturally) since March and are currently shooting the sixth episode of the 15-installment season. From the set in between takes last week, Alexander spoke with about our favorite ambiguously gayzzoli duo.
Check out the complete interview here.

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