Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Episode 308 SPOILERS

Daniella Alonso will debut in her recurring role as Riley Cooper, a new neighbor of Jane's who captures the attention of Angela, Frankie, and Frost. "I can't share details because there's a twist to my character," Alonso teases. "It's been a blast to be on the show... I've been working with everybody!" [Soap News]

Jane moves to a new apartment after the stalker incident in episode 307 "Crazy for You".

Rizzles alert: Jane and Maura lying on the same mattress with glasses of wine. [Absolutely Angie]

Maura speaks Serbian.

Frankie has an interview with Cavanaugh about moving to detective.

Official TNT Synopsis:
A bride is killed right before she walks down the aisle, and Jane and Maura must figure out if the groom’s ex-girlfriend is a suspect, or if there’s a deeper connection to the bride’s European roots. On the home front, Jane has a new neighbor who captures the attention of Angela, Frankie and Frost.

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