Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Janet Tamaro - Hoyt, Maura fencing, 15 episodes

Question from Bay Keech:
Hi there, I have a question. Would Jane have to deal with Hoyt again after his death in season two?
Janet's response:
One of the challenges of this show (because each episode is "closed-ended" and must stand on its own) is it's difficult to circle back and reference episodes new viewers may not have seen. I do my level best to keep our returning fans happy, but I also to try not to exclude new fans. So the short answer is probably not.

Question from Tish Buford:
Jane had asked Maura once in a previous episode if she played sports. One of Maura's answers was fencing, by any chance would we ever see Maura perform fencing in an episode?
Janet's response:
Just after I read this question, Sasha Alexander (who plays Maura Isles) asked me the same thing!! So, yes, I suspect we’re going to see Maura fence.

Question from Melanie Reber:
Janet, Can you please tell us fans why there is so little of Rizzoli & Isles each season? I as well as others (I'm sure) would like to know why the girls don't get as many episodes as other TV shows?
Janet's response:
Many cable networks order anywhere from 6 episodes to 15. TNT orders 15 "Rizzoli & Isles" episodes, which is a heck of a lot better than 6. Thanks for your interest, though. Glad to know you’d like more.

Source: TNT

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