Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Rizzoli & Isles episodes 303 & 304

It seems that both of these episodes were a huge disappointment to the majority of the rizzles fans. I wasn't in the majority. Don't get me wrong, they were not the best Rizzoli & Isles episodes, by far, but I thought they were okay. They weren't spectacular where I'm chatting about them every day and watching them over and over, but they weren't so bad.

I guess to compare, I felt the same way watching the last two Rizzoli & Isles episodes as I do after watching an episode of Leverage. I like Leverage. It's funny and I like the characters, but I don't watch each episode five to ten times and I don't talk about them with friends. It's a normal television show I happen to watch and like. That's how I felt about the last two episodes of Rizzoli & Isles. (Although I'll admit I did watch them several times.)

That's why I'm reviewing both in one post. Not a whole lot to talk about.

Episode 303:

  •  I love Jane and Maura. Whether they're friends, co-workers, family, or anything else. I love the chemistry, the banter, the teasing, the way they turn to each other in times of need. I love that Maura has become part of Jane's family. I simply love it every time Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon are on screen together. Period. 
  • There were a lot of great one-liners in this episode, and I found myself laughing quite a bit.
  • Dennis was a nice guy. If he shows back up I wouldn't complain. I like that he was into art like Maura. She hasn't really had anyone to share that with. 
  • I love Rondo in this episode. I love that they're touching on his back story. It will be nice to see that unfold.
  • I like Casey. I like that he and Jane have a history and also that the storyline is progressing slowly. You know what else I like? That Angela calls him Charles. I don't know why but I do.
  • I really loved that Maura was waiting for Jane at the end. I did a screen shot titled "She Waits" for that. (It's a song by Zero 1 that went through my head at the time.)
Episode 304:
  • Again, Jane & Maura together in a scene is always great. Some cute interactions in this episode. I like how Maura kept trying to get Jane to do something active.
  • Love the dog! For those that may not know she's actually Lorraine Bracco's dog and really does do those tricks.
  • I like that it was Maura that brought the dog back. Nice scene between her and Casey. Naturally the first thing she wants to do is to help him, and then she tells him to talk to Jane. She wouldn't promise not to tell. Love her.
  • Maura and Angela should have at least one good scene per episode. Love them together.
  • Speaking of Angela, her blogging was awesome. And Angela's Guardian's, so funny. Anyone shipping Angela and Cavanaugh? I wouldn't be surprised... It could happen. "Not one word Rizzoli." Too funny.
Crime wise Rizzoli & Isles will never be Criminal Minds (my favorite crime show.) When I want a great crime show I have that to turn to. The homeless vets were sad and I liked Rondo's involvement. The dolls were creepy, but the killer was predictable. Luckily, I don't spend the time trying to figure out who did it cause I'll find out in the last five minutes anyway. I enjoy the interactions, not only between Jane and Maura, but also Frost, Frankie and Korsak. I think Angie's comment about how they could have a Frost and Frankie sitcom was dead on. They've been funny together.

I do want to know what the hell Jane does besides piece together information that everyone else gathers for her. lol Has anyone else noticed that? Even Korsak seems to be taking orders from her when he's her superior! She stands there and says "look for..." "do we have..." and everyone gives her the answers. I want that job!

All and all two okay episodes. I'm really looking forward to episode 305. Maura's family is probably my favorite storyline in the series.

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